The case for why a vote for Hillary is a vote for WW3

As I’m writing this Russia’s aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and accompanying fleet are relocating from an arctic base and will be stationed in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria. Now this isn’t a surprise as Russia announced it would be doing this back in June and again in September.

Meanwhile as this fleet approaches U.K. and the English Channel the media in the U.K. is hyping this as a threat to them.  Way to prime the well for more animosity towards Russia over nothing.


Headlines literally saying THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING.


Meanwhile back in the US as we are nearing the end of long and bitter election what do you think the most talked about issue in the Presidential and one VP debate were?  Russia and Putin by far.


Hillary, Democrats, her supporters and the media keep repeating the claims that Russia hacked. In the third and finally debate Hillary upped the narrative by stating